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Lively, often ridiculous, conversation about food. If you want passionate opinions and analysis of Oreos, Blizzards, Buffets and the like you will love us.

If you want to hear conversation about salad… we have discussed “sugar salad.”

Jul 1, 2019

We return to Tastykakes!  Danny and Bryan really ruffles some feathers last week with their assessment of Butterscotch Krimpets  (Go back and listen if you missed it).  Do they have something different to say about the Cupkakes?

You will also want to listen to the end - the chips we have last elicit quite a reaction.  If you haven't watched our Youtube live videos of these recordings, you may want to after this, just to see our reactions.

Full episode breakdown:

  • Food News - Aldi's limited edition chocolate stuffed Belgian waffles, MN State Fair foods
  • Food Experiences - Zero Gravity limited edition blizzard from Dairy Queen
  • New Marshmallow Moon Oreos
  • Tastykake Cupkakes - chocolate creme filled, buttercream frosted chocolate creme filled, koffee kake creme filled
  • Herr's Cheese Fries chips
  • Kettle Feta & Olive Tapenade chips