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Lively, often ridiculous, conversation about food. If you want passionate opinions and analysis of Oreos, Blizzards, Buffets and the like you will love us.

If you want to hear conversation about salad… we have discussed “sugar salad.”

Sep 24, 2019

We think we figured out what the new Mystery Oreo flavor is and if we're right, it might just bring you back to your childhood! In News this week, find out what KFC and Pizza Hut are up to and what is now out in the world of Peeps. We also got flavored Pringles Tortilla Chips in the flavors of Paprika Mexicana, El Nacho Cheese, and Sour Cream Fiesta. Oh, we maybe ate cat treats too. πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€

Full Episode Breakdown:

  • Food News
  • Mystery Oreos
  • Miaow Miaow Snacks - Green Peas, Artificial Chicken Flavor, Cuttlefish
  • Corn Pringles - Paprika Mexicana, El Nacho Cheese, and Sour Cream Fiesta

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