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Lively, often ridiculous, conversation about food. If you want passionate opinions and analysis of Oreos, Blizzards, Buffets and the like you will love us.

If you want to hear conversation about salad… we have discussed “sugar salad.”

May 21, 2018

We take a tour of the USA via Hershey's Flavors of America series - we eat special Twizzlers, Hershey bar, and Kit Kats.  We then move on to the world with Japanese Kit Kats, Shrimp Snacks, Malaysian "puddings", Jarritos Tamarind soda, and Top Ramen Chicken Flavored Pringles  (yes, you read that right).  Find out which ones we liked and which we no good at all.  And find out what Danny and Bryan saw Amy doing when they walked into the studio today. 

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