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Welcome to the Food Scientists Podcast! We have lively, often ridiculous, conversation about food. If you want passionate opinions and analysis of Oreos, Blizzards, Buffets, snacks from around the world, and the like you will love us.

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If you want to hear conversation about salad… we have discussed “sugar salad.”

Dec 21, 2020

After a very timely warning from Bryan about Oreo Candy canes, we bring you news of Rice Krispie Treats and Pepsi Cocoa Cola.  And what delectable treats do we get into this week, for our live tastings and reviews? 

Full Episode Breakdown:

  • Food News
  • Food Experiences
  • Peanut Brownie Snickers
  • More Fishy Chips and/or...

Dec 14, 2020

Danny once again has fun torturing us, but we just might surprise you with our reactions and reviews.

Full Episode breakdown:

  • Food News - KFC/Lifetime movie, Brookie-O Oreos
  • Food Experiences - McRib, DQ Ranch dressing, Santa Twix
  • New KitKat Mocha + Chocolate Duos
  • Lays Around the World - Grilled Squid Wavy Lay's Potato...

Dec 7, 2020

We're baa-aack!  Did you miss us?  We missed you.  And we have lots of news and experiences and lots of sweets to treat us all.

Full episode breakdown:

  • Food news
  • Food experiences
  • Reese's Big Cup with Pretzels
  • Sugar Cookie Chocolates - Hershey Kisses, M&Ms
  • Kettle Apple Cider Vinegar Potato Chips
  • Dare Cookies - Maple...

Nov 5, 2020

Full episode breakdown:

  • Food News
  • Food Experiences
  • Lay's Beer Cheese Chips
  • Pringles Cajun Fry Crisps
  • Kool-Aid Popping Candy snacks
  • Who is the evil twin: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or Reese's Milk Chocolate Bars filled with Peanut Butter?

phone (text or call): 402-YUM-FOOD...

Oct 26, 2020

It's Halloween candy season! We will be giving each other Snacks, Candy, and Treats for Halloween. What will we have? It is a mystery to everyone.

Full episode breakdown:

  • Food News
  • Food Experiences
  • Trick or Treat - Amy, Bryan, and Danny each prepared special snacks for each other.  We discover what they are...