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Lively, often ridiculous, conversation about food. If you want passionate opinions and analysis of Oreos, Blizzards, Buffets and the like you will love us.

If you want to hear conversation about salad… we have discussed “sugar salad.”

Dec 25, 2017

We review the Blizzard of the Month for Dec 2017, then discuss the newly announced Oreo flavors for 2018, and then delve into a discussion of past Oreo flavors.  We answer questions such as "Is lard still used in Oreos?", "Is there a point to Golden Oreos?", "Does portion controlling as kids translate to healthy eating...

Dec 18, 2017

We 1) briefly talk about a seasonal sandwich, then 2) discuss pizza... a lot, so much so that you're going to want to eat pizza, and then 3) close with a listener question about cereal.

Dec 11, 2017

This week we discuss all kinds of holiday foods from Oreo candy canes to jelly beans to peeps to krumkaka.  We even talk turkey!

Dec 5, 2017

Bryan and Danny discuss their recent food experiences including:
1) Buffets -  is food touching food OK? is layering food OK? and what exactly are hash browns.
2) Blizzards - killing the Cheesequake, and asking do you like sprinkles? do you like peanuts? 
3) Hot Chocolate and the legal definition of chocolate
4) Mac &...

Dec 3, 2017

This is another one of our practice episodes that we liked it enough to publish.  Hope you enjoy the discussion of mystery Oreos and pizza buffets.